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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

They ate the carrot cake!

So Thanksgiving came and went, and I never had a chance to tell everyone what I'm thankful for this year. Not that I have done it any other years, but this year I am especially more cognizant of the fact that had the Pilgrims not massacred the Native Americans, we probably would not be here celebrating such events with overwhelming amounts of food that could feed an entire town in a 3rd world country. It wouldn't feed an entire town in the US, because we're all a bunch of whiny picky eaters. Do you think anyone in Africa ever says "oh no, ew, I don't like turkey breast, it's too dry for me!"? Or "don't make apple and pumpkin pies, we prefer carrot cake, and if the one you make from scratch isn't perfect, make sure you leave it at home and buy one at the store." You know, because celebrating massacres is very particular!

Don't get me wrong, I love Thanksgiving. It's a time for family to get together. In our case though it's family and friends. We have a couple of friends who are from other countries, and far away from their families, so we have them over. In the end, the whole thing becomes an international affair. That evening, at my parents' house, at least 5 countries were represented, not including the US. The food reflected it too. We had a great mix of traditional Thanksgiving food in addition to other internationally-inspired selections.

We also had 6 kids there, ranging in age from 3 months to 11 years. The 3 month old was an angel and pretty much slept the whole time. The 11 year old was way too cool to be associated with those younger than her. And the rest of them, the other four, were like wound up toys that someone had just let go in the living room, running around, screaming, stealing each other's toys - mind you, these toys being my mother's coasters - and all in all giving me many reasons to not only hope that I am sterile, but to actually want to reach into my body and rip out my uterus and ovaries to make sure that I would never carry in my body something that could end up one day like them. Some of you may say that children are cute, and yes, I agree, they are cute, WHEN THEY'RE SLEEPING!

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I have one word for your whole post and that is WORD!