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Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting Political

Well, since everyone else is doing it, I think it's time that this blog endorses a candidate. After all, are newspapers more important than this abandoned corner of the Internet space? Hell no!

This blog endorses Barack Obama.

I took advantage of early voting, and went and voted for Obama two weeks ago.

I have been very passionate about this election, more so than usual. I am relatively liberal. OK, I am REALLY liberal, but trust me, that does not ensure that my vote will always go to the Democratic nominee. I like to consider myself open-minded and well-informed, and therefore will consider all nominees.

For example, in 2000, I voted for Nader. I really liked Al Gore, but I hated Lieberman, and let's all admit it, he did turn out to be a snake. Had McCain been the Republican nominee in 2000, I would've voted for him. Had McCain chosen a different running mate this year, I would've not been quite as passionate about this election this year, and I might've not been so sure about who I wanted to vote for. Had he chosen someone brilliant as his running mate, like Colin Powell, I would've possibly voted for that instead of Obama/Biden, because I know they're not radical Republicans and they have a lot of experience, especially Colin Powell. But choosing Palin as his running mate is not only shocking and ridiculous, but it's insulting to the American people, except those idiots who really believe that she is a good choice. She has no political experience, and if (GOD FORBID) they are elected, she is going to do so much more damage to the US reputation in the World and cause much more corruption in 1 year than George W Bush and his administration did in 8 years. If McCain were to die a day after being sworn in, which is possible, it is very scary to think that Palin would take over.

Therefore, I am passionately against that ticket, and would like to do anything to ensure that doesn't happen. Well, all I can do is vote for Obama and help the Obama campaign.

Let's hope for the best of our country and ensure that someone like Palin is not at the helm!


Anonymous said...

i am hoping right there with you. i'm actually a bit afraid of what would happen if mccain won. we'll be drinking to the new year with obama on new years!

Daisy said...

Palin scares the crap out of me. I was going to vote for McCain until he picked her to be his running mate. She is a serious wack-a-do.