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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

In Paris

I made it to Paris in one piece. It's amazing considering how strong some of the turbulence we encountered was. Though there were only a few patches along the way. The flight was on time and ready to go, and then the vehicle that pushes the plane away from the gate wasn't functioning because it had a flat tire, so they had to go get another one. So they got one that was working, but the gate that is attached to the plane door was not working and they couldn't retract it off the plane. It was the most ridiculous chain of events. But eventually, a little over an hour later, we were able to pull away. And in true senseless fashion, people clapped. I do not clap for things that should've worked right to begin with. Sorry!

Another miracle is the fact that I managed to get all the packing done, even though less than 24 hours before my flight time I had still yet to start washing clothes that I wanted to pack, and didn't start packing till around midnight. But, I got everything taken care of, and I got to the airport on time. There were plenty of open seats on my flight, so I thought I'd upgrade. Yet again, I was unsuccessful in trying to upgrade my seat, even though at least half of the first class section was empty. I have yet to figure out the magic involved in upgrading. I don't get the thinking behind making it so hard, no matter what kind of ticket I have, if I'm offering you money to fill a seat that's empty anyway. What kind of business minds run the airline industry? No wonder they're all bankrupting. It's really easy math, and regardless of how much alcohol or food you give me if I sit in first class, I'm pretty sure that even charging me as little as $100 would put you ahead. Oh well, their loss.

The flight was empty enough that many people had their own 2 or 3 seats. People were able to sleep their entire length in the mid section of the seats. But per my usual traveling self, I couldn't sleep. It would've been perfect, as I was supposed to get to Paris at 7:30 am, so I would've slept through the night. But no, I couldn't, so now I'm tired, but I have to fight the urge to sleep so I can be completely refreshed tomorrow and ready to go do my thing. Probably just wander the streets of Paris, as I have already seen most of the things that need to be seen here. But there's always room for more, and I can always do what I love doing most in this city: people-watch!

Somehow, I forgot to grab my little French dictionary and my little Paris booklet. Granted, I know my way around, but I like to see what things out there I haven't tapped yet. I guess I'll just have to buy a new one, and a new pocket dictionary. Not cool!

Anyway, I made it in one piece, and that's just fantastic for now. The weather today is nice and sunny, and I hope it stays this way for at least the next week that I'm here before I take off for Spain. I wish I could promise that I will update the blog often while I'm here, but I'm afraid of making promises I cannot keep, so let's play it by ear, shall we?


Anonymous said...

yay! have fun in good old europe! xoxoxo

von Krankipantzen said...

Sounds wonderful and did I mention that I AM SOOOO FUCKING JEALOUS?!?!

macandchen said...

Just watch out, rumor goes Paris if full of French people :). Have fun!

KULA said...

Kim - I will, and I am :)

Kranki - I bet you're not jealous of my sudden and unwanted unemployment though!

MAC - I love the French you French-hater :)

Anonymous said...

oh I am envious--I love paris