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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love at first wine

The first time I came to Paris, it was love at first sight. But after a few times of coming here, the sight becomes ordinary, and it's just love. Then there was wine. For some reason, the other times I came, the wine didn't feel extraordinary. I didn't drink as much, and it was just a glass here and a glass there. For whatever reason, this time, wine has become the object of my affection. It is quite possible that my wine palette has become more sophisticated since the last time I was in France, because I have started drinking more wine. Either way, I am loving that I drink wine everywhere and with everything.

Of course, I am trying to not do the vacation diet (or lack thereof), where I'd eat and drink more than usual and double my needed caloric intake. So drinking more wine has meant eating less. This was great the first 4 days. Today, it finally caught up with me, and my diet of cheese and wine since I've set foot in Paris has finally decided to give me a warning. So, I ended up feeling really crappy after lunch today, and had to throw up to feel better. It's not that I am drinking so much wine, I am getting drunk, it's just that there is more wine going into my system than usual, which is once or twice a week. When we were at dinner and my uncle said "wine?" I decided that maybe I will take a little break from wine for a day or so. After all, in three days I am heading to Spain, and there's a festival going on, where a lot of drinking takes place. I need to be ready for that, so I will take it easy with the wine until then. But don't fret, I am not giving up the wine yet. It is too good here to do that.

Other than the wine issues, this has been a great stay. I have met up with an old friend whom I haven't seen in 16 years, and through her I met new people. Everyone so far has decided that I need to move here. So I am letting them work on finding me a European man. I prefer France, Spain, or Italy, but I can be open to others too. Though, they'd have to convince me a little harder. Of course with enough wine, I can be much more easily persuaded!

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